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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 26, 2024 12:00am-1:01am PST

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whether to go again >> and all it takes is one juror and i think that's the hope to trump hangs onto that he at least reaches >> somebody who ends up city in that jury. >> do you think that he will be found guilty in this trial? >> i shutter if he doesn't get found guilty because i think that sends a message that if you're in power you can try anything to stay in power this federal case is one of four criminal trials. the former president has been seeking to delay, but just days ago, a manhattan judge threw out a motion to dismiss the charges in the case involving hush money payments during the 2016 campaign. that trial is now set to begin march 25th. thanks for watching the whole story
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>> hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world, you are watching cnn newsroom. and i'm rosemary church just ahead us president joe biden is set to meet with congressional leaders this week. as pressure for more aid to ukraine mounts. meanwhile, the president is on the ballot for tuesday's democratic primary in michigan, a state he is almost surely a win, but it could be a test of his support from important groups of voters and the idf presents its planned for evacuations from the gaza strip israel's war cabinet, as negotiations for an israel hamas ceasefire and hostage release go on live from atlanta.
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>> this is cnn newsroom with rosemary church >> and thanks for joining us. more us aid to ukraine will be on center stage this week as the us house of representatives returns from a two-week recess on wedensday with ukraine's leader blaming recent losses on a lack of assistance. president joe biden plans to ratchet up the pressure in a meeting with congressional leaders on tuesday. talks will include house speaker mike johnson, who has refused to bring a senate bill, including $60 for ukraine up for a vote. pentagon and national security officials are also calling on johnson to allow a vote on the bipartisan senate bill. cnn white house reporter priscilla alvarez has more the white house is ratcheting up pressure on house republicans to pass 60 billion in additional aid to ukraine saying that the >> country faces a dire situation and is running low on ammunition, national security
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adviser jake sullivan, taking it a step further, on sunday and calling on house speaker mike johnson. take it up and take it up immediately. >> while the reality is that putin gains every day that ukraine does not get the resources it needs, and ukraine suffers. and there's a strong bipartisan majority in the house standing ready to pass this bill if it comes to the floor? and that decision rests on the shoulders of one person. and history is watching whether speaker johnson will put that bill on the floor. if he does, it will pass, will get ukraine what it needs for ukraine to succeed if he doesn't, then we will not be able to give ukraine the tools required for it to stand up to russia. and putin will be the major beneficiary of that now the white house hours for the $60 billion in additional aid last year. and since then, president biden has repeatedly framed this as not only support for ukraine, but also imperative for us national security. and in recent days, white house officials have linked losses on the battlefield in ukraine to
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congressional inaction with president biden warning that it is not out of the question for this to continue to happen if that aid isn't given to ukraine. of course, the white house is limited in what it can do meaning that they are going to continue this pressure for the days to come in the interim though the president and private conversations with us allies, allies are reaffirming us support for ukraine priscilla alvarez, cnn, the white house >> amid the push for more us aid for ukraine, a rare admission from volodymyr zelenskyy on the human toll, the war has taken on his country's military. the ukrainian president said 31,000 ukrainian soldiers have died in the war with russia sure and disputed russian claims of much higher casualty numbers. he also said tens of thousands of civilians have died in territory occupied by russian forces. cnn cannot independently verify these numbers cnn's clare sebastian
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is following developments. she joins us now, live from now good morning to you, clare, as ukraine marks the start of a third year of war with russia, president zelenskyy is warning what will happen if he's country doesn't receive us aid, or what he'd been saying here is my presidency was speaking a lot on sunday at a conference on ukraine in 2024 and separately, cnn's kaitlan collins. and we see him trying to sort of variety of approaches here. one is a moral argument. he said to kaitlan collins that he couldn't imagine that it wouldn't be possible for congress not to pass aid that he was hopeful for a positive solution because he said, otherwise, i don't understand the world in which we live. he's also talked about the consequences, saying millions would die without us aid. so directly equating that lack of of weapons deliveries with the loss of lives both on the front lines and in terms of civilians, you talked about air defenses as a critical component and i think perhaps
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most interesting of all, this is something that we haven't seen him do is naming that casualty figure. obviously we can't independently verify that, but he hasn't gone public with that before. i think the question is obviously why now one, perhaps to the ukrainian people that he just can no longer hide it. the graveyard's in filling up. everyone knows someone who's died. but secondly, also a message to congress that ukraine has to get real. they have to really be honest about the toll this is taking. and it is a very serious moment as he himself put it on the battlefield with russia on the offensive in multiple directions. this of course, as you also noted, a crucial week, president biden i tend to be meeting with congressional leaders on tuesday, really piling on the pressure there on speaker mike johnson to take that senate bill onto the house floor and separately here in europe, we have the french president convening a summit of international leaders to talk about aid to ukraine. europe is trying to step up, but ukrainian officials on sunday saying that even if europe does that, europe at european and us
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production together isn't going to cover ukraine's needs on the battlefield. so here we have this very critical moment, which it seems like president zelenskyy was trying to seize there are as murray. >> all right. thanks to clare sebastian joining us live from london up next in the race for the white house primaries in michigan. although president joe biden issued a win, the democratic contest. tuesday's results could gauge his support among arab and muslim americans michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib is asking primary voters to choose. i'm committed to protest. mr. biden's handling of the israel hamas conflict. he is one of tlaib's fellow democratic representatives, debbie dingell we have to focus on michigan. there's no route to the white house. it does not go through here. and the prep president biden knows that. and quite frankly, so does donald trump, by news going to win on
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tuesday in november that we've got to focus on we got a lot of people, we got to turn a lot of people are infected by the number of issues >> meantime, donald trump won a solid victory in south carolina's republican primary on saturday, beating rival nikki haley by just over 20 percentage points. the influential coconut work now says it will stop donating to her presidential bid. and will focus on house and senate which races. but haleon says, only she can beat mr. biden in november and says she's staying in the race through super tuesday next week. while trump argues that republicans are already united behind him you ever been ever there's never been spared like this, and i just want to say that >> i have never seen the republican party so unified as it is right there >> never been like does anyone seriously think joe biden or
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donald trump will unite our country? he saw >> ron brownstein is a cnn senior political analyst and senior editor at the atlantic. he joins me now from charleston, south carolina. good to have you with us so in all surprisingly, donald trump won the south carolina primary, but nikki haley still got 40% support and is vowing to fight on despite news that one of her major donors, americans for prosperity, is holding spending on her campaign. what does haley achieved by continuing her fight? and what were the major takeaways from this race? do you think? >> well, i think south carolina really confirmed what we saw in new hampshire, and that is haley's coalition is not big enough to seriously threatened donald trump for the nomination. but our coalition is plenty big enough to cause him serious problems and the general election, if he can't mollify and courage rally at
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you know, these last couple of races have been very consistent in all three of the big contest so far, iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina, trump is dominated among non-college voters. he's dominated among evangelical voters. he's dominated among partisan republicans, but he's consistently shown weakness among the groups where he has long faced resistance. it's only won about 40% of independents each time. she's one college graduates, each of the past two elections. and as we saw on saturday night in the big population centers, relatively speaking, in south carolina of charleston and colombia, that's where she performed the best. and so the dual message, the republican party is, this is trump's party. >> trump is also facing a cash crunch as time runs out for him to post high half $1 billion in bonds. where's this ultimately going? and will his legal woes continued to help or hinder him politically? do you think? >> well, they certainly have helped them in the primary. i
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mean, there's no question about that. i mean, the his ability to portray himself as a victim and almost a martyr for his voters, you know, they're going after me because they are really trying to silence you i talked to plenty of voters down here who accept that argument and kind of transmuted into quasi religious terms that he is like literally a martyr on their behalf. but you continue again to see these kind of warning flares at the edge of the, at the edge of the race here, trump won a dominant victory here as he did in new hampshire. but something like 80% of haley voters in both states said they do not believe he will be fit to be president if he is convicted of a crime all of this hangs over. the republican party as does the question of him trying to channel campaign and contributions to pay for his legal bills. that was one of the biggest applause lines. and again, haley got down here when she argued that the rnc should
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not turn into a piggybank for trump's personal legal problems, and he will have to come up with this money for the new york judgment. and the question of where and how he do sos, how he does so could free up more headaches for him. it's a >> big swing state of michigan is set to hold its primary race on tuesday, but some democrats are concerned about a possible anti-abortion protest vote and that state and a call from the left to vote uncommitted. how is joe biden expected to go and what might all this mean for the general election? as the president also continues to battle the perception of being too old for the task ahead >> yeah, i think michigan is a really indispensable state for democrats the shortest path to 270 electoral college votes, which is what it takes to win for biden, is to rebuild what i call 15 years ago, the blue wall. and that would require him to hold wisconsin and pennsylvania, both of which looked pretty good for him, i
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think at this point, largely around the issue of abortion, but also michigan, where his polling has consistently been underperforming what denmark, where democrats have been. i mean, gretchen whitmer, the governor one of the state by 12 points in 2022, and trump is consistently leading there with biden struggling among white blue collar voters. younger people, and the arab-american community. this effort to have an uncommitted people vote, uncommitted, which is being supported not only by our american interests, but also by bernie sanders there's political organization. i think is an important test. a similar effort fizzled in new hampshire. it didn't really generate a lot of protests votes. but if it does generate a significant protest vote in michigan, which as i said, is almost an indispensable state for democrats. i think you're going to see more anxiety in the party about biden's posture toward benjamin netanyahu, who, you know, whatever else you can say about and he is somebody has identified with the republican party pretty overtly over the
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years. and at the margin, probably would prefer to be dealing with donald trump in the white house than joe biden. and i think the pressure on biden to reconsider his relationship and the amount of ropey is giving netanyahu would probably be intensified significantly if this uncommitted effort, you know posts a serious results on tuesday, ron brownstein, always a pleasure to have you with us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me >> it is still winter in the united states but much of the country won't feel like it in the days ahead, nearly 400 heat records, both high and low temperatures could be tied or broken across the central and eastern us today through wedensday. in some areas, the temperature shows could be more than 30 degrees above average meanwhile, a cold front in the western us will move east, but that will bring the threat of severe storms on tuesday the cooler air probably won't last long though with another warm
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front expected to sweep the country later this week still to come as negotiators try to secure the release of more hostages from gaza and a pause in fighting. israel's prime minister warns a military three offensive in rafah will go forward, deal or no deal plus cnn speaks with the father of a palestinian american teen killed in the west bank thank who says he's still struggling to get justice more than a month after his son's do pure harvest smart farms in abu dhabi, desert technology enabled agribusiness, solving global challenges were taking proven methods of farming and decoupling the relationship of food production from climate and instead marrying it to technology, energy, and capitalism given its heritage in farming, great infrastructure to build a company and the ability to attract foreign talent of adobe made a ton of sense for us. our
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one prim sugar, 25 vitamins and minerals and a new fiber blend with a prebiotic >> the whole green ready to swap, ready to take the defiant power-packed all new hybrid electric dodge hornet rt. performance, electrified >> the israeli military, has presented a plan for evacuating civilians from the areas of fighting in gaza prime minister benjamin netanyahu's office says the idf presented the war cabinet with an upcoming operational plan earlier, but it does not specifically mention the southern gaza city of rafah, where israel has been planning a potential ground offensive. cnn has not seen a copy of the plan yet. it more than 1 million people are believed to be sheltering in rafah. most of them displaced from other parts of gaza. and this comes as talks are
12:20 am
expected to resume in qatar today to try to secure the release of more hostages in exchange for a pause in the fighting. a senior white house officials, there's the negotiators have come to an understanding on the broad outline of a potential deal. joining me now is journalist elliot gokin. he's live in london. so elliot, what is the latest on those hostage and ceasefire talks set to resume today and the idf plan to evacuate palestinians from areas of fighting in southern gaza >> rosemary, as often is the case with these things, or devil is very much in the detail and it is those details that the parties, the united states israel, the egyptians, and katrise as mediators for hamas, are going to be trying to thrash out in those talks in doha to try to get a deal that will see at least some of those israeli hostages who are kidnapped on october the seventh, freed in exchange for a pause in the fighting, the release of palestinian prisoners and more humanitarian aid going into the gaza strip.
12:21 am
now, we heard from national security adviser jake sullivan over the weekend talking about the under standing of contours of a potential deal being reached. the sticking point up until now, at least so far as the israelis are concerned, has been hamas's demands for a complete end to the war and withdrawal of israeli troops from the gaza strip. and also the release of thousands of palestinian prisoners, whatever the case, prime minister benjamin netanyahu who over the weekend saying that even if a deal is reached to free those hostages in exchange for a ceasefire, that ground operation and rafah will still go ahead if we have a deal, it will be delayed somewhat, but it will happen if we don't have a deal. we'll do it anyway. it has to be done because total victory is our goal. and total victory is within reach, not months away, weeks away once we begin the operation and of course, the big concern expressed by the united states and others is that with more than 1 million palestinians
12:22 am
sheltering in rafah, that evacuating >> that civilian population and getting them to an area of safety and shelter is going to be an incredibly tall order for the idf. perhaps some of those palestinians will not get the message so just to exactly where they can go, many will be disinclined to move. taking the view that well, they've moved before so many times that where they are being told to go to may not be any safer than where they are right now, there are a lot of challenges in moving that. number of people. and the united states perhaps has scene added urgency or added to the urgency of these talks to get the hostages freed in exchange for a ceasefire in order to forestall this kind of ground operation prime minister netanyahu and the israeli government's perspective is that in order for hamas to be destroyed, in order for israel to be able to say mission accomplished as far as the destruction of hamas is concerned, it must go into refer to destroy what it describes as the final bastion of hamas to prevent hamas continuing to threaten israel with another october the
12:23 am
seventh. and as a result of that, this plan has been presented to the war cabinet for the evacuation from areas where fighting is taking place, even specify refer, as you said, but seems likely that rafah is a part of that plan. and quite when that would be enacted, or what details are a part of that plan we're not too short, right now, but certainly israel's intention is to go into rafah with or without a deal for a ceasefire and the release of hostages rosemary. >> now, thanks to elliott gotkine joining us live from london, and nic robertson met with the father of slain palestinian american teen tawfic abdel jabbar, who was shot in the west bank last month, his father says their family is still struggling for answers and try to bring the person responsible for his son's killing to justice >> so this dirt road, you see one down here? yeah, this is war. where tawfic was shot at an american father, hafiz abdel
12:24 am
jabbar, showing us his family land where he says his son was murdered mine israeli settler in january. >> he wasn't going to do anything. simply a barbecue friday prayer, and come back home and he's not a terrorist. he's at american palestinian kid full of life wanted to do so much in his life. >> his son, tawfeeq, was 17 years old, studying towards his dream job, nasa engineer, the family left louisiana last spring returning temporarily to their roots in the occupied west bank. they visited their ancestral hilltop village home most years all around the village, there are murals of tawfeeq remembered immortalize than underneath it says, the smiling martyr >> tau freaks trauma >> increasingly common in the west bank. and this is getting worse and worse since october set way worse they're attorney get more likened to gaza.
12:25 am
>> exactly. they want to turn it to garner. you see the bullet? yes. >> a month after tau phoenix death, half is struggling to get justice. the single shot that killed his son, an exploding bullet entering the back of his head, clear in the ct scan his brain, photos of the crime scene, and an investigation by the palestinian authority document, ten shots video shows what hafiz says is a soldier taking the final shot. an eyewitness as a settler took the first shot israeli investigators saying if judi police officer and an off-duty soldier, but also present at the time of tau fakes killing, but have yet to charge any of them. they say the investigation is ongoing. >> that's the problem that i'm facing away now that we all face in here, that when they do such a thing and they're not stopped and they're not cautioned it's okay for them to do it again and again and again. and that's what keeps happening here. this is not the
12:26 am
first kid got shot and killed in the same area since october 7, nearly 400 palestinians have been killed by israeli soldiers and israeli settlers. there are currently 9,000 palestinians being held in israeli prisons and jails sari bashi is an israeli human rights expert living in the west bank, has been tracking israeli security force tactics that for >> more than a decade hamas is brutal. october 7 attacks she believes became a watershed for unprecedented israeli violence in the west it's bank, we have seen things piloted in gaza and later moved to the west bank in terms of the levels of violence, the airstrikes, the drone strikes >> in gaza are starting to become much more frequent in the west bank >> not just more aggressive and more frequent, but more or dead patients to not to mention possibly illegal according to
12:27 am
un experts like this covert israeli special forces up in a hospital that killed three militants, believed to be planning an attack the hospital says the men was sleeping when short idf diggers gouging up westbank streets, rendering them unusable, akin to gosars, battle tank thoroughfares also deepens fears the west bank is worsening. the impact of israel's actions according to respected palestinian pollster, khalil shikaki is enabling groups like hamas, the us bank is becoming more militant today than gaza was before the war or today, because of what the israeli government is doing it, because of what the israeli government is do what the army is doing, and what the settlers are doing. >> while we supporting such a regime like that. >> hafiz is angry. president joe biden isn't doing more to pressure israel to rein in radical settler leaders like
12:28 am
security minister itamar ben gvir, whose partially he has called for the annexation of the west bank >> he >> israeli government maintains its military operations only target terrorist suspects, but settler violence has spiraled in recent months. >> these officials on tv from the israeli government's making these comments and past since weapons from been half-year all to these settlers, that's why they feel like they can do anything without being charged or without being stopped >> impunity. that is ripping irreversibly through his family. >> how can they figured there? other can they ever figured they brother, can they ever figured out who shot their brother know what i told my wife home and i have another tawfeeq and i want my older son to get married and have another toughy across the square from his family home that predates israel's creation by more than 70 years is the town cemetery,
12:29 am
tawfeeq mattel 50k is buried feed from two of hafiz is uncalled, whom he says were killed by settlers 36 years ago. >> that's a message to them to the israeli government. we're now going nowhere even if you put all of us right here, generations will come and for you, this country from new life, defiance. yes. but beneath it, a father struggling. >> when do i see him again? one do i see my 17 years old ago when when do i get the same again? that's that's the minute that i ryan i think about i don't think about money. i don't think about businesses anymore. on think about anything else other than one. >> do i see my son again
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fast-acting relief. absolutely free text dra w 2369369. today, closed captioning brought to you by audio book network. authors tell your story, produce an audio book with us. >> what earn more profits and find a new audience for your published book, produce an audio book. we handled narration production, and digital distribution, color scan, the qr code. now ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is warning that >> russia could attempt a new offensive in a matter of months as the war enters its third year, the ukrainian leaders says his troops will prepare for that possibility, even as they face ongoing attacks, including a wave of strikes x over the weekend. but
12:34 am
ukraine's efforts on the battlefield are being hampered by a diminishing supply of ammunition and weapons. aid that is critical to ukraine's fight has stalled in the us congress and president joe biden is preparing to meet with the top four congressional leaders on tuesday as the wild house pushes for action, mr. zelenskyy is warning the number of casualties in ukraine will only increase without further us military aid. he spoke about that with cnn's kaitlan collins. she has the details now from kyiv in our one-on-one interview with president zelenskyy, he really laid out the stakes for what is on the ground here going to happen >> in ukraine, if they don't get any more aid from the united states, of course right now, it is at a complete standstill in the us congress, house. republicans blocking that package that was passed by the senate with 60 he billion dollars in aid for ukraine. we asked president zelenskyy specifically about some criticism that has come from
12:35 am
senators who blocked that, including senator jd vance. >> i'm not trying that he understands what's going on here. we don't need any rhetoric of from people who are not deeply in the, you know, in the war. so to understand it is to come to the frontline to see what's going on to speak with the people then to go to civilians to understand what will be with them. and that what will be with them without this support. and he will understand that millions people have been killed will be killed >> if he doesn't understand it because she doesn't understand it. of course, he got the god bless. you, don't have the war on your territory president zelenskyy saying that millions of lives of ukrainian lives will be at stake if there is no more aid coming from the united states. making clear what a difference he believes it is made on the battlefield, not just what it would do in the future, but what it has done
12:36 am
for ukraine in these last two years since russia invaded. and of course, the stakes could not be clearer for them. but what he also said there at the end of that moment was talking about how these are the decision-makers in the united states, including people like senator jd vance, house speaker mike johnson, who president zelenskyy noted that he had met with previously, and saying that he had no choice but to trust him when it came to what's going to happen with this aid to ukraine? >> australia has now imposed financial sanctions and travel bans on seven russian prison officers. it accuses of mistreating alexey navalny at a siberian penal colony. the putin critic died behind bars on february 16 australia says these are the next steps and holding accountable those responsible for grave breaches in navalny's human rights. the deputy prime minister also says, australia holds vladimir putin and the russian government responsible for navalny's treatment and death in custody the kremlin denies
12:37 am
having anything to do with his death >> masha >> gessen is a staff writer at the new yorker and the author of 11 books, including the future is history, how totalitarianism reclaimed russia. thank you so much for joining us it's good to be here >> in the wake of alexey navalny's death that you wrote a piece in the new yorker last week saying his apparent and murder doesn't suggest vladimir putin feels week, but rather that putin feels strong and optimistic about his own future. why do you think that's the case? >> so there's a temptation to conflate two things one is pushing sphere and the other one is his weakness. >> so >> putin is definitely afraid, has been afraid of navalny for many, many years he's been afraid of protest from many, many years. he's been afraid of the world's attention for
12:38 am
many, many years. and navalny brought all of these things together. so the murder of navalny, justice his arrest before that we're indications of just how afraid puts him as of navalny. but here's the thing. when a dictator is afraid, when a dictator is paranoid that has a way of making him stronger because he takes preemptive measures that prevent any kind of threat. actual threat to his grip on power putin's grip on power, strong the levers to, for protesters, for dissidence for western powers to remove him from power are nonexistent suggest because he's afraid, doesn't mean his objectives the week and navalny's wife, yulia, is vowing to follow in his footsteps and continue his
12:39 am
fight >> what could that >> potentially mean? do you think for putin and for the fight against his hold on power? >> well, i think yuliia, like her late husband, alexiy, before her, is playing the long game nothing that she can do in exile at the moment. can threaten putin's hold on power but what she is going to try to do is continue a movement, continued conversation maintain a vision of a future of russia that's possible without putin. xi or any movement she leads as capable as i think she is. in fact, of leading movements that's not going to bring down posing the kind of regime that putin has built can only collapse under its own weight. >> or >> with the help of the west if it is militarily defeated by
12:40 am
ukraine which is also not seem terribly likely. >> but when it's >> over, i'm putting asm has over what's going to be there in its place. and i think what you'll in navalny has the best, best chance of doing is creating an understanding, grading and network creating a sense of a russian speaking russia identified community, whether inside or outside of russia, that can be there when puts in his must finally over and what do you think navalny's legacy is and how do you expect to his death to impact the upcoming election if at all? >> well there's no election, right? >> even >> calling it an election as absurd. putin is going to be re-elected for his fifth totally unconstitutional term as the president of russia. like none of these things should actually we'd be used
12:41 am
or understood his face value. so there's no election, there's no. so therefore, it's not going to influence it in any way. >> what navalny's >> legacy is. a more interesting question navalny's legacy is the legacy of building a democratic movements and actual political movement as if such a thing were possible during a time when one democratic mechanisms, when electoral mechanisms, when the public sphere huddle seemingly been completely destroyed that is an extraordinary achievement so extraordinary that he had to be killed. but for somebody to have built a movement that had a presence in every single region of the vast russian empire. that produced material, for example, navalny's film about putin's palace on the black sea >> that was viewed by every single adult. and russia to
12:42 am
have become a politician, had 100% name recognition in russia despite russia being a totalitarian state, that is an extraordinary achievement and it shows us what is possible once somebody is charismatic, inventive, and fearless >> masha gessen. thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me >> alexander lukashenko, the strongman president of belarus, and close putin ally says he will run for another term in 2025. he has held the country's top office since 1994 ad it's likely he will win the last time the country held a presidential election in 2020, observers found widespread ballot stuffing and other signs of voter fraud and when riots broke out, lukashenko cracked down hard, detaining thousands of people and throwing opposition figures in jail and we'll be right
12:43 am
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absolutely free text hello, v0 to three-to-one, three-to-one today >> breaking news from the middle east, the prime minister, they palestinian authority and his government have submitted their resignations. journalist elliott gotkine is back with me now from london. so elliot, what is behind the palestinian authority? by minister and government making this move today? why now? >> rosemary, as you say, they've submitted their resignation to malcolm and abbas, the president of the palestinian authority. the assumption will be that this is perhaps due to pressure from the americans or at least designed to placate the american somewhat in its desire to have a revitalized and a reconstituted did palestinian authority take control of the gaza strip once the war between israel and hamas is over. now the prime minister is very close to mcmurdo boss, who was elected for a four-year term in 2005. so he's now been in power for what, some 19 years of a four-year term. and the palestinian prime minister
12:47 am
seemed to be very close to mahmoud abbas and a part of his fattah faction. the assumption, as i say, will be that this is one step towards this perhaps reconstitution of the palestinian authority to make it certainly more palatable to the united states, but also potentially to israel to have it to take control all of the gaza strip the day after the israel hamas war is over, rosemarie. >> all right, elliot gotkine bringing us the latest on that breaking news from london will continue to follow this story and bring more details as they come into us. well, later today, he later monday, hungarian lawmakers are expected to read fire sweden's bid to join nato clearing the last obstacle for the nordic nation to enter the military alliance. on friday, hungary's nationalist prime minister viktor orban, signaled his support for sweden's membership after the two nations signed an arms deal, or been saying hungry and sweden have entered
12:48 am
a quote, new phase of co-operation. sweden applied for nato membership along with finland in may 2022. after russia's full-scale invasion of ukraine, hungary had stalled the ratification vote for more than a year, but it's now expected to pass easily we're now hearing from the estranged wife of the murder suspect accused of killing a university student in the us state of georgia. it comes as republican leaders have seized on the suspect's immigration status to demand tougher policies at the us border cnn's isabel rosales reports >> i spoke with leyland franco. she is the wife of the suspect. she told me she's had no connection to him for months that they've been separated. she says she was shocked to hear of his arrest. she says that when she lived with him, he treated her well, but he was a con man but she ultimately just wants to hear from him
12:49 am
directly what he says happened. but she also wants to make it very clear that she's in support of and wants justice for the victim here, laken riley. when i asked her about the documentation status of wholesale ii battle, are taking a focal point in the story. here's what she told me we can't put a nationality on a criminal. there criminals all over the world. now, governor brian kemp, the governor of georgia, he posted on x the letter that he sent over to president biden criticizing his administration's immigration policies and also requesting more immigration information on jose badra here's what he said in part. laken riley, tragic deaths struck the hearts of georgians everywhere and has sparked national outrage. joe biden's failed policies have turned every state into a border state. and i'm demanding information from him so we can protect our people when the federal government won't now suspect we'll see, but i was a resident of athens, georgia, but again, not a us citizen
12:50 am
according to us immigrations and customs enforcement, he is a venezuelan national back in 2022, he was arrested after crossing illegally, according to ice, into the us mirror and paso, but then he was paroled and released it's for further processing. he now faces a litany of charges in connection to the death of laken riley. and here are some of the charges, malice, murder, or felony murder, false imprisonment, kidnapping, aggravated assault, concealing the death of another and more the victim, laken riley, was a junior for the dean's list at augusta university college of nursing her friend called authorities initially when she failed to come back home after going out for a jog, and authorities found her body near lake where she was jogging. an examination found that she died from blunt force trauma. the police chief but of campus police, jeff clark says that this was a crime of opportunity, a solo act, a quote, and individual who woke up with bad intentions and he says that there is no evidence
12:51 am
that the two knew each other. riley's funeral is 70 for friday and classes at uga resume on monday. isabel rosales, cnn, atlanta. >> and we'll be right back >> sometimes it. takes a different approach instead of a meeting to imagine your future differently. >> with >> capelli universities game changing next path for matt gaetz support every step of the way to help you stay on track >> spelled splashes boil overs, and burns. your stove is a mess and all that soakings, drubbing in scraping are keeping you in distress. >> high. luca >> bhutto here with stoke guard, the number one top quality stove top protector on the market, and a must-have in every kitchen look, these messages are no match for the stove guard. >> oh, we >> gooey cheese and macaroni, thick red staining sauce. even this sticky, melted candy, they
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do. >> 80087 to 4091 an american couple is feared dead after what investigators think was a boat hijacking in the caribbean. cnn's polo sandoval has the story virginia married couple of kathy brandel and her husband, ralph henry, each have sons this weekend. i had an opportunity to speak to both of them by phone. they told me that they are absolutely devastated without words but not without faith as they are still praying, their mother and father will be safely found somewhere the caribbean. but at the same time, they've also been told to prepare to confirm their worst fears, and that is that their mother and father, possibly became victim to three fugitives who police say had recently escaped from the island of grenada from police custody. those three individuals, according to investigators likely hijacked the couple of their catamaran during their vacation, and possibly may have injured or
12:56 am
killed them. and that is a working theory right now by investigators. and what nic borough, the son of kathy brandel, tells me telling me that his mother and her husband had sold their home in the united states and had poured all of their efforts into this catamaran, preparing not only it, but also themselves for the journey from virginia to the caribbean. and that was when last week they reportedly when missing that catamaran found a few days later on wednesday, along with those three individuals that are suspected, possibly in this disappearance, investigators are speaking to them currently however, still no sign of kathy brandel or ralph hendry. investigators believe that they likely were hijacked by this trio, the family of this missing couple of telling me that they have been told to prepare for the worst for multiple reasons. not only that they find blood in the cabin of that that vessel,
12:57 am
but also the cabin had been ransacked and also according to brendel son, some of the items some items were taken from the cabin and located on those three individuals that investigators, again, are still speaking to. cnn has reached out to the us state department. they confirm that they are aware of these reports and they're gathering as much information as they can. but in terms of the family of kathy brandel and ralph hendry again, they are still holding onto hope. they say, until their bodies are located, they will still continue to pray that their parents are found safely. polo sandoval, cnn, new york i want to thank you for spending part of your day with me. i was with church cnn newsroom continues next with max foster and bianca not to be a headliner was vegas. >> that's what i want to do. >> vegas, the story of syncing
12:58 am
next sunday at ten on cnn >> demand for energy is growing. and so as the need for american oil and natural gas, it's time to turn the lights on >> america's resources are abundant. our nation is a global leader in reducing emissions and innovators delivering more energy sources to secure our future. nine in ten americans agree, american oil and natural gas are vital to our account lights >> do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need now you can sell your policy even a term policy for an immediate cash payment, call coventry direct to learn more. >> we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement but we've realized we needed a way to supplement our income. >> our friends sold their policy to help pay their medical bills. and that got me thinking it'd be selling our policy could help with our retirement i was skeptical. >> so i did some research and called coventry direct. they
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